About Us

The Summit Educational Trust was born out of the NEST (new era schools trust).

Originally known as the NEST Phuting trust, then the the Summit Trust was established to own and operate the Phuting School (later renamed Summit College) accordnign to the ethos and vision of the NEST.

Below is an extract of the minutes of the inaugural meeting of what shortly later became know as the New Era Schools Trust (NEST).

set minutes1

So, while the Summit Trust owned and operated Summit College for 26 years (in line with the non faith, multi racial ethos of our founders), we continued to provide financial support (in the form of both bursaries from the trust and scholarships from the school) to deserving learners, making a real difference in a great many lives over more than a quarter century.

We are very blessed to have retained the services of a number of long serving NEST trustees for the better part of the past 25 years.

2016 represents a new dawn for the Summit Trust

In 2015 after having received a number of approaches from
investors the independent trust founded by NEST resolved to dispose of Summit
College to Advtech.  The trustees felt
that they had completed the initial vision of NEST and the future of learners,
teachers and other stakeholders was best served under a different control.

This decision has permitted the Trust to move into a broader
area of education with a strong focus on underprivileged South Africans.  The Trust has changed its name to Summit
Educational Trust and has at its disposal a significant bursary fund focused on
the Advtech Group and a further large amount of free cash that can be used for
non-tied bursaries, investment in and initiating low fee private schools and
responding to wider educational needs in South Africa.

The enlarged trust is able to service the visions of similar
minded individuals and groups who wish to make an impact of the education of
disadvantaged South African children.  We
are a suitable vehicle for South Africans living in other parts of the world to
contribute financially to the education of less privileged South Africans.